Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. Now is the time to migrate.

End of support for Windows Server 2003 can have a dramatic impact on your business. It will mean no more updates or patches from Microsoft, which can result in a less stable and less secure infrastructure for your organization. Here are some points to consider:

  • Microsoft will no longer develop or release any updates after ending support. To put this in perspective— 37 critical updates were released in 2013 for Windows Server 2003/R2 under extended support. Imagine what impact zero updates will have on your infrastructure.
  • After support ends, your organization will likely fail to meet most industry-wide compliance standards and regulations. This could result in lost business or dramatically increase the cost of doing business, in the form of high transaction fees and penalties.
  • The costs of maintaining your legacy servers can add up quickly. Maintenance costs for aging hardware will likely increase, and you will have to deal with added costs for intrusion detection systems, more advanced firewalls, and network segmentation—all simply to isolate 2003 servers. Staying put will likely cost more in the end.

There are several solutions to move forward with migrating your Server to a more advanced operating system and hardware architecture:

  1. Upgrade your Line of Business applications to the latest versions that are offered by your software vendor and migrate all your data onto a new physical server.
  2. Upgrade your current physical server and run your Server 2003 system as a Virtual Server within this new hardware (running isolated from the internet).

Migrating away from Windows Server 2003 is an investment in your organization’s future, and there has never been a more crucial o begin the migration process. Tech Help is here to assist you in every step of the way in getting your businesses migrated.

For any questions regarding whether your server is running a supported operating system please contact us at 360-756-6035.