If you live in the Pacific Northwest, chances are pretty high that you have heard rumors of “the big one” — that infamous earthquake that is inevitably going to hit very close to home one day. The New Yorker ran a piece entitled “The Really Big One” in July 2015, reminding many local residents that having a plan in case of emergency is a necessity.

From June 7th through June 10th, Cascadia Rising will help emergency responders form their own plan of attack for if and when “the big one” (or any major disaster) takes place. Cascadia Rising is an exercise incorporating more than 65 organizations across Bellingham and Whatcom County. The concept of Cascadia Rising is to instill better preparation into emergency planners in case an earthquake hits the area — even if it is potentially decades away. All areas in Whatcom County including Sudden Valley, Birch Bay, Maple Falls, Lummi Island, and Point Roberts are participating in the preparation exercises over the next few days.

Here at Tech Help, we support several area fire departments in their emergency response and planning — and are proud to do so. The Cascadia Rising exercises are a great opportunity for residents of Whatcom County to feel more confident in case of a natural disaster. To prepare your own emergency kit, the Washington Department of Health has a great checklist of helpful resources.