Tech Help | New Office

Now that we have officially been in our new offices for an entire week, we have almost entirely settled in and nestled up to our new space. We love our new office and though we have a few items left on our checklist, we wanted to remind you that we are still fully in business and here to provide you with all of the technology help you could possibly need.

A big part of our move into our new offices involved us setting up internet (new high-speed fiber optic internet!), setting up a brand new phone system, and rewiring the building. Though we love that we are able to provide ourselves with such vital systems, we also love setting you up as well!

At Tech Help, we provide a variety of tech-based support and services including remote monitoring, internet and email migrations, wireless and wired networking, training, on and offsite data backup solutions, and all kinds of training.

Contact us anytime for a customized quote dependent upon your needs! We are here for you.

A reminder: though our address has changed, our phone number remains the same. To get a hold of us, give us a call at 360-756-6035.