Security concerns facing Whatcom County businesses are real. In the past year Tech Help and Big Fresh have dealt with the following real security problems (and this is a fraction of the list):

  • Client opened an email and ran an application that infected their entire system with Ransomware. While the client had backups, they only had file-level backups, causing 4 days of downtime.
  • Client received a Word document, via email, and because of a less secure version of Microsoft Office, a macro was enabled that encrypted drives associated with their file server, causing 3 days of downtime.  

  • Client was tricked into providing email password resulting in mass email being sent to all contacts—entire email account was compromised. Client lost multiple hours trying to explain the situation to contacts, and thus lost credibility. (Credibility is hard to get back.)

The unfortunate truth is that all of these problems can happen to anyone in any industry.


Why does Tech Help care?

We believe that businesses and business owners should see technology as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. We are dedicated to helping businesses succeed.


What can Tech Help specifically do for YOU?

  • Secure your data with confidence using endpoint cloud backup built to assure continuity
  • Firewalls with Unified Threat Management to thwart intrusions into your network
  • Advanced Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Anti-Exploit security software
  • Staff Training—human error is 90% of where these intrusions originate; have Tech Help train your staff on the latest techniques to avoid intrusions.   


Not sure where to start?

Contact Tech Help for an on-site security audit and consultation to discuss your specific needs. We have the staff that can help you develop a proactive plan to protect your technology infrastructure and at a fraction of the price of hiring a dedicated IT employee. Don’t wait until you’ve been compromised—contact Tech Help today.