Tech Help Advantage

Paying for repairs when issues arise can become costly over time. Tech Help Advantage, our remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform, continually monitors the health and performance of your IT network without disrupting your employees’ activities. With our robust RMM platform, we’re able to detect potential issues and remedy them before they cause downtime or data loss.

Our Advantage customers also receive regular reports that provide insight into their IT systems, including the business value and services being received, which helps with planning and budgeting for future IT expenses.

Think of your network like a car. Your car can break down, leaving you stranded and having to pay for repairs you weren’t planning for. Tech Help Advantage is like regular maintenance for your vehicle, but 24/7!

From Reactive to Proactive

Many businesses today continue to use the reactive model and handle IT issues as they arise. By implementing a proactive approach, businesses experience a significant reduction in the disruptions that threaten the operation of your business. Below is a comparison of the reactive vs. proactive approach. Contact us to discover which approach is right for you and your budget.

TH-proactive-reactive_v3 (1)

Tech Help Advantage Options

Tech Help offers a wide range of server and workstation options customized to your business. The chart below shows our baseline server services, but additional options and services are available. Contact us to learn more about workstation and server services or to schedule a free consultation.