Tech Help Advantage customers can sign up to further protect their businesses from hackers and viruses with App-Care, our remote patch management solution designed to keep third-party software programs up-to-date while closing security holes and guarding against attacks. App-Care downloads all updates and automatically pushes patches through a remote management feature. With App-Care, we can keep all of the good programs on your computer up-to-date and protected. You will no longer have to wonder if you should be installing updates and there’s no need to keep a running list of good and bad programs. We take care of all that for you! Best of all, with the real programs staying up-to-date, you will never get any of those annoying program update pop-ups!


  • Fewer annoying pop-ups
  • No more exploited programs
  • Decrease in downtime due to virus attacks

Applications currently patched by App-Care:

  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Reader 9.X
  • Adobe Reader X
  • Adobe Shockwave
  • Apple iTunes (x86 and x64)
  • Apple QuickTime
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Oracle Java 6.X with X86/X64 Support
  • Oracle Java 7.X with X86/X64 Support
  • PDF Creator
  • Skype Business


For App-Care pricing information, please contact us.

Not currently a Tech Help Advantage customer? We can customize a support package based on your specific needs. Contact us and we’ll be in touch!