Catching Pokemon at Tech Help in Bellingham, WA

I haven’t started playing the world’s most talked-about mobile app game, Pokémon Go, because I know I’ll become addicted and drain my phone’s battery. The idea of a dying cell phone sends shivers up my spine. Must. Stay. Connected.

I’m lucky to be a part of the tech savvy Tech Help team and I just knew I’d find someone to talk to about this childhood-memories-inducing game. I was right – two of our account technicians, Dylan and Josh, shared their battery-saving tips and gave me some insight for other “trainers” (players of the game) wandering around Bellingham.

Here are 5 ways to help save your battery life while playing Pokémon Go:

1. Plan Ahead
For serious trainers trying to catch ‘em all, plan the route you’re going to take or the destinations you’ll wander. Knowing the hotspots for Pokémon will help you eliminate unnecessary screen time, as consistent screen use depletes battery life. Rumor has it there’s a Bellingham Reddit with a list of Pokémon locations…

2. Ask Around
You just know that person staring at their phone while walking and suddenly stopping in their tracks is playing the game. Ask where they’ve had the most luck! Friendly tip: we’ve got a Pokémon or two in front of our building…as well as a gym nearby. (Go Team Instinct! Hey, they’re the underdogs right now.)

3. Charge Wisely
When plugging your phone in, switch your phone’s settings to Airplane Mode. By doing so, your battery will charge faster. You can also pick up a portable charger, which can be found at Best Buy, Walmart, and even some drugstores in town.

4. Be Screen Savvy
Lower the brightness of your screen to save energy and be frugal about how much time you spend scrolling through your Pokédex. The more you touch your screen and interact with the phone, the more battery life you’ll use.

5. Disable a Few Things
Turn off any settings that keep your phone searching or updating, such as BlueTooth, Wi-Fi, email, social media, and notifications. Any background apps you’re not using consistently still require battery life! Also lower the volume or turn off the music. This will help extend battery life, too.

If you need a quick explanation of the game, check out this short guide. If you’re a Bellinghamster with tips for local Pokémon Go players or beginners just getting started (like me!), share them on our Facebook page or tweet me at @gotechhelp.