Those pesky hackers are getting clever in their thievery. We’ve received a number of calls recently concerning the “FBI Popup.” This popup is a virus meant to look as if your computer has been commandeered by the FBI and held hostage until you pay hundreds of dollars. See example here:

Trust us, if the FBI is going to commandeer your computer, it’s going to be after they’ve busted your door down and flashed a badge in your face. If you have received this popup, DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING! Do not click the X, do not click ‘OK’, do not turn your computer off. If you are a business client of ours, please call us ASAP and we’ll remove the virus. 360-756-6035. If you aren’t already a Tech Help Advantage client or an App-Care client, perhaps it’s time to consider it. App-Care helps keep all your programs up-to-date while lessening your chances of getting viruses. Even this nasty “FBI” virus.

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