Jess Reeves | Computers for Kids in NeedJess Reeves is one of our favorite people. Let us tell you why.

For the past 14 years, Reeves has spent his time collecting computers from local businesses in order to help families in need. His mission began when he met a single mother of three teenage boys who were struggling to keep their grades up due to the lack of a computer in their home. After Reeves refurbished a computer for the family,  each of the boys raised their grades from C-levels to B-levels within the first month. 

Though Reeves’ main focus is providing computers to families, there are a large number of computers are not in good enough shape to be refurbished and passes on. If a computer is in poor condition, Reeves properly recycles it instead of refurbishing it. Since he began his business, Reeves has kept more than 7,000 computers out of landfills and donated nearly 1,500 computers to families in need.

We are so proud to support Jess Reeves and Computers for Kids in Need. We are proud to have such a compassionate person in our community. If you have an old computer you would like to donate or are in need of a computer for your family, you can contact Jess at 360-966-5777.