Tech Help tips for speeding up a slow computer.


You might have arrived to that place where technology is no longer your best friend. There’s nothing worse than a slow computer when you’re on a tight deadline. Here are our suggestions for optimizing your computer’s performance so you can increase your productivity.

1. Easy Cleaning
Are you the type who saves everything on your computer, but never returns to those files? Too many unused files and applications take up space on your computer’s hard drive, making your computer operate much slower. We suggest trying CCleaner by Piriform, which clears up any apps and files that might be bogging down your system.

2. Solid State of Mind
Everything you save on your computer is kept on a hard drive, which also houses the computer’s operating system. Much like those toy-grabbing claw machines at arcades, a hard drive uses a mechanical arm to locate and retrieve information stored within. To boost your computer’s performance, replace the standard hard drive with a solid state drive, which has no moving parts. Eliminating this moving-part process increases the performance of the overall system.

3. Ramp up your RAM
RAM, which stands for random access memory, is the main memory system in your computer, storing information that is ready to be accessed whenever you need it. Every time you open an application, such as Microsoft Word, it is loaded into the computer’s RAM. If you’re noticing that your computer is slow when you start a new application, it could be time to increase your RAM. Adding more RAM allows for more apps to run simultaneously. We recommend bringing your computer to a repair shop or tech support company (like us!) to help you figure out what type of RAM will work on your computer and do the upgrade for you.

Want to leave the computer improvements up to the pros? We can make sure to save the files and apps you need while improving the performance of your computer. Contact our trusty technicians!